Metal pergolas

Pergolas are an easy and highly effective way of structuring your garden or creating shaded spaces on your patio. They can visually combine your house and your garden or your house and your garage, or you can use the freestanding variant to build little oases of relaxation and shade in the garden. Unopiù has revolutionized metal pergolas by giving them dynamism. Our metal pergolas consist of both a fixed unit which is anchored to the ground, and a mobile unit with two wheels or two mobile units with six wheels, respectively. This way you can enjoy the sturdy and long-lasting heavy quality of an iron pergola while at the same time being able to move and extend this structure wherever you like! The structure of our metal pergolas is made from galvanized iron with powder coated finish in matt graphite or matt white. This renders them extremely durable and weatherproof. The metal pergola comes with pirouetting wheels that have a blocking mechanism. The mobile freestanding version of the metal pergola comes with two different wheel sizes: The smaller wheels are perfect for moving on pavement, while the larger wheels can move on both grass and uneven ground. The wheels have blocking brackets so as to keep the pergola secure even in strong winds. Several types of roofing are available for our metal pergolas, meaning you can tailor them to your sense of style and your outdoor surroundings. You have a choice of bamboo shade, microperforated hemp-coloured fabric (40 % polyester coated in 60 % PVC) with a manual mechanism for opening and closing, or wooden panels made from treated Nordic pine. While the roofings and the metal pergolas themselves are of course weatherproof, it is advisable to remove the roofing during the winter to avoid damages from too much snow. The metal pergola can be further personalised with side blinds that partially enclose the pergola and make it more secluded.