Turning your outdoor area into an extension of your living room also implies having enough storage space and shelves in your garden or your conservatory, on your balcony or your patio. Unopiù has an elegant and beautiful solution for this problem: etageres. Our garden etageres are available as both floor and wall versions and are made from a structure of galvanized iron with powder coated finish in graphite. The iron garden etageres are available in several variants and with different numbers of racks. All cast iron etageres for your garden are made to be used outdoors permanently. They are made from metal, and our selection of only the best materials combined with perfect handicraft made in Italy guarantee that they are sturdy, long-lasting and weatherproof. At the same time, of course, they are pleasing to look at because Unopiù sets store by luxurious and premium design. What is more, the outdoor plant etageres are also practical – they can be folded and conserve space on the balcony or in the conservatory, if need be. With their playful style, they provide a particularly fitting and stylish framework for garden plants. Our outdoor etagere plant stands are also perfect additions to our greenhouses. Their measurements are specifically designed to be used as modular plant stands in the greenhouses. Their romantic and playful design also makes them perfect objects for your balcony or your patio where they can store plants on several tiers. That way, they allow you to keep a large number of plants even in small spaces because the plants become “stackable”. The floor and the wall variant provide additional storage space even in enclosed spaces for your plants and also your gardening equipment. They are decorative objects on the patio or the balcony or in the entrance area of the house next to the door. They store flower boxes or flower pots as well as other garden accessories in an elegant and beautiful way.