Storage facilities are an important element of your outdoor living area. Unopiù manufactures a very stylish and sophisticated storage article: outdoor armoires. An outdoor armoire gives your patio, conservatory or your garden a playful and romantic touch and a vibe of Mediterranean airiness. Our metal outdoor cupboards are manufactured from galvanized iron with powder coated finish in graphite. The panels are made from fumé polycarbonate. The outdoor cupboards come in different variants with varying number of shelves and closure mechanisms. They reflect their surroundings, thus making our outdoor storage cabinets with shelves appear even more delicate and light. Such an outdoor armoire has timeless beauty and elegance while being practical at the same time. It lends a stylish frame to everything needed to make outdoor life comfy and livable. Glasses, cutlery and and dinnerware for elegant outdoor dining feel right at home in the outdoor cabinet. It keeps everything readily at hand in the conservatory or on the patio so that the table for coffee in the afternoon, a glass of wine at night or a lovely Sunday brunch can be set quickly. The outdoor armoire is an extension of the living area and epitomises Unopiù’s philosophy of a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor in one luxurious and coherent style. The cabinet’s design is very elegant and unmistakably Italian. The outdoor armoire is also very durable and weatherproof. The iron has been manufactured according to the traditions of Italian craftsmanship and was galvanized to make it impervious and sturdy. Despite its durability and sturdiness, the outdoor cabinet appears surprisingly light and delicate. It is the perfect expansion to your high-quality furniture in the garden or on the patio and the balcony. It is a key element of designing a stylish and luxurious outdoor living area where you can relax and enjoy life. The outdoor armoire is both functional and aesthetically pleasing – thus ideally representing the art of living in open spaces.