Garden Parasol Covers - High Quality Protection

Parasol covers are important as they store and maintain the beauty of the parasols when not in use. During the rainy season when outdoor activities are quite impossible, the parasols are taken down and stored. Doing so will prevent them from getting needlessly destroyed. With Unopiù’s garden parasol cover, a surefire solution to protect and to preserve this garden furniture is guaranteed. Because Unopiù manufactures beautiful garden parasols, it is a necessity to have the perfect covers to keep them always in pristine condition. Unopiù’s garden parasol covers are available in a dark green color. They are made of 50% polyester and 50% PVC – an ideal combination of fibers that ensures a strong, high-quality product. The convenience and ease-of-use of these covers for garden parasols make it a popular choice for efficiently storing parasols after using. It is important to care and maintain parasols when not in use especially during ugly weather in order to prevent them from fading or getting torn. Leaving them out in bad weather puts them at risk of getting ruined. As such, taking them down and storing them with a luxurious-looking Unopiù parasol cover will keep them safe and beautiful, ready for next use. When looking for a parasol cover, always take note of the measurement to avoid purchasing a cover that does not fit well. It should match the circumference and the height of the umbrella for guaranteed fit. Furthermore, covers for parasols should be of highly-resistant fabric that will not easily tear. Because parasols are necessities for outdoor living, taking care of them is a necessity as well. As such, it is wise to opt for covers for parasols that can protect umbrellas from rain, dust, molds, and dirt when not in use. With this principle in mind, Unopiù provides the perfect solution to keeping parasols in their finest conditions at all times. With Unopiù, garden parasols are always in good hands.