When you live a large part of your life in the open spaces of garden, balcony or patio you will sooner or later want to enjoy some shade as well. Motorized umbrellas are a practical and stylish luxury. Unopiù’s motorized umbrellas are a perfect synthesis of the efficiency of a patio umbrella and state-of-the-art sun shades. When the automatic patio umbrella is not in use, you can simply close it using a remote control or rolling it up manually with a winch and an adjustment rod. This means that the umbrella is not exposed to the weather in its protective casing, and the space underneath is unencumbered. The automatic garden umbrella has an off-center pole made from galvanized aluminium and lamellar Iroko wood. Its extendable arm is also made from aluminium. The structure is available in matt bronze or gloss white. The shade itself is 100 % Tempotest acrylic which is available in white for white structures and in écru for bronze structures. The motorized umbrella is adjustable from 5° to 20° inclination. Despite its delicate and floating appearance, the patio umbrella withstands winds of up to 45 k/hr. In case of stronger winds, the umbrella should be closed. The garden umbrella gains its stability and balance from ten cement blocks (sold separately) which weigh 18 kg each and are inserted into the base plate. The resulting area has adjustable feet and can also be used for decorative elements such as flower pots or flowerboxes. This not only further enhances the stability of the structure but also provides means for individual and original decorations in your very own relaxation area. The motorized umbrella creates maritime feeling and airiness – you will feel like you’re on a beach vacation. This highly stylish and durable shade can easily accommodate several people. The fabric does not fade over time and is waterproof so that rain does not leak through. You can enjoy your time outside even longer now!