Hot ball (solar collector)

Hot ball (Ø 40 H 45)
Dimensions Ø 40 H 45

A modern garden shower in polyethylene with mixer, foot shower, ample 250 mm showerhead and okumè shower tray.
The solar collector (Hot Ball) can be placed near the shower or on the roof and is in solution dyed black coloured resin and aluminium (registered patent)
with a 40 litre capacity.

The solar collector is equipped with a safety valve that guarantees its integrity - even in the event of accidental obstructions in the discharge line. It is important not to install valves or others that prevent normal flow between the collector and the water inlet.

It is shockproof and limescale proof and for this reason requires no maintenance. The water can be heated either by solar power or electricity.

Hot ball (Ø 40 H 45)

Designer Unopiù
Collection Solar Shower
Colour Graphite
Finishes Resin in black
Sale % 40%
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