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A pearl shielded by its mother-of-pearl shell. That is how Portofino presents itself to the visitors arriving from the sea. A small, sheltered bay, both for its configuration and mount Portofino which overlooking the sea, forms a long cliff with Punta del faro as its eastern end. To understand the beauty and uniqueness of Portofino, it is necessary to observe it from the square of the church of San Giorgio, which rises above the promontory dominating its village. From here you can dominate the port and the row of colorful houses with the characteristic decorations that have made it its fresco. Behind the village, going up the small streets and paths of the mountain, even where the hand of man has left no trace, the arrangement of plants, Mediterranean shrubs and the rough course of the terrain offer a show of extemporaneous incredible grace. Glimpses of light interrupted by restful shade break on bursts of blue light that are lost in contact with the cobalt beauty of the sea. It may be for this reason that Portofino has become one of the symbols of the Italian dolce vita. The place where you can happen to meet, on the pier of the small port, the great protagonists of everyone’s dreams. Hollywood stars, industrialists and politicians to name just a few of many exciting surprises that await you.

Credits : Photo Nick Fewings - Photo Stefano Bernardo

It is no coincidence that even Ferrari has paid homage to the Ligurian city with one of its latest sports car models. Bastion, of the Ligurian Riviera di Levante, from which the car takes its name. A place of luxury vacations, stories, passions and villas overhanging a steep and luxurious coast. We have searched for you, some of the most iconic locations, although the list certainly does not end here.


Isolated, difficult to reach and surrounded by lush vegetation, Tenuta Piaggio is currently owned by an English Duchess, Natalia Grosvenor, godmother of William of England and descendant of the Russian poet Aleksandr Pushkin. The Duchess, in love with this corner of paradise, has restored the estate and the adjoining farm. Now she produces wine and olive oil, maintaining excellent relations with the entire local community.



The name is derived from Highclere Castle, a splendid English residence owned by the Earls of Carnarvon, which rose to the headlines as the set of the successful television series Downton Abbey. Far from the noise and mundaneness of the Portofino square, Villa Altachiara, consisting of about thirty rooms perched halfway up the village of Portofino with the sea as far as the eye can see, is part of that corner of Anglo-Saxon Liguria much loved since the beginning of the twentieth century. Around the 1920’s George Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon, an Egyptologist and art collector who discovered the sarcophagus of Tutankhamun together with his colleague Howard Carter, stayed here.



After belonging to a dynasty of textile entrepreneurs from the Biella area, the castle (known also as Villa Bonomi Bolchini) belongs today to the Berlusconi family. Located on the promontory that closes to the east of homonymy bay, where a natural marine park rich in ravines where coral grows has been created, the castle was built in 1626 by the Genoese Republic.



The villa located in the Olivetta bay now belongs to the stylists Stefano Dolce and Domenico Gabbana. Perched on a promontory and surrounded by wonderful maritime pines, it is a mix of traditions and glamour, where prints and animalier, floral and gold patterns coexist. The villa has also been the setting for fashion shows and exhibitions, such as the one organized for the presentation of the superb jewelry collection by the famous fashion house.



It owes its name to the famous director of Vogue Italia, Franca Sozzani. This paradise is not far from the famous Paraggi beach and the center of Portofino. Characterized by a breathtaking view on the Gulf of Tigullio and a lush arboretum, the villa is richly decorated with prints and furniture that reveal all the passion for fashion, design, art and photography of its owner. To the naturalistic beauties of this little gem, we add the fauna as well. In fact, it was probably due to the abundance of dolphins sighted in the gulf that the Romans gave the area the name of “Portus Dephini”. From here, then, Portofino.

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Credits Photo: Kristine Tanne - Nick Fewings - Stefano Bernardo 

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