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Let's live eco

Let's live eco

Where to start to have an eco-friendly life? From small daily gestures but also from the choice of the right accessories for us and for our home.

In light of the growing environmental awareness at a global level and of the increasing influence of future generations on the furniture market and beyond, companies are progressively focusing on the environmental impact of their activities. A new trend is emerging among home design and interior design experts: sustainable design. This opinion and creative movement, also known as eco-design, stems from an urgent and essential need. To save our planet from ever increasingly alarming levels of pollution.

Eco-design provides a new way of living in your home. The reference leitmotiv is “reduce, reuse and recycle”. Three actions which encapsulate the essence of this philosophy. The choice of materials becomes conscious, researched and not left to chance. Where once the primary focus was placed on design, now it is on the search by type of materials. The spaces are best enhanced from the point of view of the environmental impact and energy savings. Solutions come into play to reduce waste, take advantage of renewable energy and a series of actions that aim at ensuring a lasting qualitative well-being of one’s home life. All without forgetting the search for one’s own style and aesthetics.

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The response of contemporary companies and designers takes the form of eco-sustainable materials for the development of innovative projects as well as for the revisiting of old product lines with the addition of new recyclable materials. In this article we will talk about sustainable designs, providing you some suggestions to apply in your home.

From concept to practice

How can you apply an idea to tangible actions? Below you will find three different types of eco-friendly furniture.

- Il low impact living is the simple solution to approach the eco world that revolves around the choice of zero impact materials.

- L’upcycled materials, on the other hand, focuses its philosophy on the recovery of unused objects to give them a new life (and in some cases different uses) within the home.

- Zero waste design is an approach linked to the manufacturing of furniture elements without waste, designed in this sense so as not to determine the production of any waste in the future. The result of this approach is in some cases the creation of innovations with a high technical content. Every single material is used to create a unique product.

Choosing the materials

As part of this eco-living, furnishings that reflect our desire for sustainable living are a must as well. Whenever possible, choose natural/mineral materials such as iron or wood and prefer artisan workmanship. As for wood, make sure that it comes from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified sources. This certification will provide you with the confirmation that the entire production process follows precise standards that demand environmentally friendly, socially useful and economically sustainable forest management.

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The choice can fall on a type of wood for its color or can veer towards furniture that uses wood previously processed with natural oils. The reuse of properly restored wooden furniture is to be taken into consideration for an ecological operation that, at the same time, draws attention to vintage furniture trends.


Then, furnish with teak ,for example, and aim for fabrics like cotton for the outdoors.

Teak is a type of wood characterized by a natural durability and resistance to atmospheric agents. It is no coincidence that it is widely used for the manufacturing of sailboats. For this reason, the cleaning and maintenance of outdoor furniture made of this material is easy and simple. In this sense we suggest the use of Unopiù teak stain. This teak-colored protective finish is respectful of the environment and of the related regulations as it does not contain harmful compounds such as chromium and arsenic.

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Choosing the materials of your furnishing elements is an important step in this historical moment, every business field must become aware and even designs must respond to this important calling. Take the time to evaluate the various solutions available to you. The eye wants its part, yet we should not forget the functional aspect of each material and what benefits you can get by including them into your life’s projects.

Attention to the future and an ethical approach can go hand in hand with words such as elegance and innovation.

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