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Glamping in the hills: three locations for your trip to Italy

Glamping in the hills: three locations for your trip to Italy

From our magazine Join Outside, we take you on a discovery of the best Glamping around the world. We continue our journey in Italy. Are you ready? This time we take you on a discovery of Glamping in the hills, special places to spend a different kind of holiday if you are travelling along the peninsula.

A small preisem is in order: if you are asking yourself: is Glamping for me? The answer is probably yes, if you love nature, but do not want to give up comfort and elegance. Design and green tourism: a combination that will amaze you and leave you with exciting memories.


Three must-see addresses in Italy for Glamping in the Hills


Many prefer the sea, others the mountains: there are many reasons, however, to choose the hills. The mild temperatures, the changing landscapes in which to lose yourself, the historical or gastronomic tours: if we are talking about Italy, destinations in the hills will make you fall in love with them more than you expect.


1. Glamping in Abruzzo: Circle of Desire

Abruzzo is a region in central Italy facing the Adriatic Sea, where nature rules. Predominantly mountainous and hilly, here you will find natural parks and medieval villages, with authentic sights, landscapes and flavours, a place where you can discover exciting experiences outside the 'mass tourism' destinations.

Cerchio del Desiderio Glamping Retreat is a glamping in the hills of Pianella (province of Pescara), in the heart of this fantastic region where the location between sea and mountains provides a unique microclimate, famous for its oil and wine production. Olive groves surround the glamping accommodation, which is divided between Domes (some with private Jacuzzi) and Yurts. Between walks, yoga, and massages, if you are looking for a holiday dedicated to wellness and meditation, this is the place for you, also thanks to its strategic location.

Glamping in the hills - Cerchio del desiderio - Unopiù Magazine


2. Glamping in Piedmont: Gaias Spheres

We move to Piedmont near Gorzegno in the province of Cuneo, a tiny village of only 260 inhabitants - yes, you read that right. Here you can be sure of a truly immersive hill glamping experience surrounded by nature and tranquillity. The Langhe is a unique territory, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a land of vineyards, truffles, and hazelnuts. The ideal place for an Eno-gastronomic trip and more, amidst lush and evocative hilly landscapes and medieval villages to be discovered on short trips. Gaia's Spheres is a tribute to the goddess of the Earth and the fact that the accommodation here is all transparent domes certainly makes you imagine the level of contact with nature that you can have, between earth and sky. Sustainable and enchanting luxury tourism.

Glamping in the hills - Gaia Spheres - Unopiù Magazine


3. Glamping in Tuscany: Vedetta Lodges

Tuscany, Tuscany! All over the world, the gentle hilly landscapes of this land are recognised at a glance. The light here has something different, something magical and golden. We will not dwell on the food and wine specialities: we could write a book about them! A destination to explore once in a lifetime, Tuscany will steal your heart. So why not experience it in a completely unique way? Natural luxury is the keyword at Be Vedetta. a widespread structure in Scarlino (Grosseto) whose flagship are the Lodges dedicated to glamping in the hills. The comfort of a luxury suite, soft feather pillows, a personal hanging porch. We forgot: on the horizon, you can even see the sea.

Glamping in the hills - Vedetta Lodges - Unopiù Magazine

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