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Andreucci & Hoisl

Andreucci & Hoisl

Alessandro Andreucci

Alessandro Andreucci was born in Macerata in 1968.

After graduating in mechanical engineering, he studied industrial design at the State Academy of Arts at Stuttgart, in Germany.

He started work in Munich, in Germany, with Siemens Design & Messe and then with System Design.
In 2000 he returned to Italy to join iGuzzini Illuminazione, working mainly on designs by the Renzo Piano firm of Paris. In 2003 he lived and worked in London, working in particular with the Ron Arad firm. He has had his own industrial design office since 2004. He works on a permanent basis with Christian Hoisl, a German designer with office in Munich, with whom he won the Red Dot Award, for the Pan chair by Garpa, in 2010.
Also in 2010, Ombrella, a Viabizzuno design developed with Mario Nanni, was selected for inclusion in the ADI Design Index.


Christian Hoisl

A functional formal idiom with an emotive bonus - this sums up the design approach that Christian Hoisl has made his own. After studying industrial design in Munich, he and a business partner began to design office furniture, kitchen systems, outdoor furniture and lifestyle accessories for leading clients. In 2000 Christian Hoisl established his own design office in Munich and undertakes product development work on furniture, accessories and domestic appliances for various German and Italian manufacturers.


Why did you choose to work with this reality?

Because it is a historical brand of the Italian outdoor and addresses the theme of outdoor furniture at 360 degrees.

Why design for the outdoor world?

Twenty years ago, when we started, it was a new theme in the design field. Today we have so much experience and it continues to be a field where a lot can be experimented.

What made you chose to become a designer?

We liked the possibility of working by mixing technique and art.

Is there an element, which can be found in all of your designs?

Giving up of superficial elements linked to a fashion trend.

What would you like to design but never did?

An electric car.

What inspired you today?

We are inspired by companies that have the courage to develop completely new things.

When during the day is your most creative time?

Different times. It could be during the night as well when you happen to wake up.

Do you still use sketchbooks?

We use single A4 sheets.

Do you have a magic place? Which one is it?

A hill near Munich/Monaco that we reach by bicycle.

What does sustainability mean for you?

Designing products that do not get thrown away and are repairable.

If you look at the last collection for Unopiù, what do you see?

A company that confronts the market in an increasingly consistent and effective way.
A company that produces buildings and furniture for new climatic situations.

Andreucci & Hoisl designed for Unopiù


Andreucci & Hoisl_Unopiù_Panarea

Collection Luce

Andreucci & Hoisl_Unopiù_Barby

Collection Barby


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