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Cities seen from above

Cities seen from above

Cities seen from above have a special allure. Even in the most chaotic metropolis, traffic, sound pollution and the noise of people on the streets magically die down, if we change the perspective through which we look at them. 

Terraces become a metaphor of life itself; as they say, to solve a problem, you just need to look at it from a different and more detached perspective.
Here is why, for instance, in many film and TV series, top-down city views take on an important symbolic meaning. Let’s think about the famous scene from Lost in Translation, where Scarlett Johansson is sitting on the parapet of a window, overlooking Tokyo, or Tenet, Christopher Nolan’s movie filmed in seven different countries. Including our iconic Amalfi Coast.

In these scenes, you can see endless cities from another perspective, which makes them even more evocative. Lonely men or people focused on their inner self find these amazing landscapes as the privileged venue for their thoughts. The landscape takes on its own role, by expressing sensations and food for thought, where we are the real protagonists, and not just the actors.

Rooftops overlooking the city, tiny houses clinging to the mountains, glasses surrounding apartments, skylights and transparent sliding doors that separate the rooms seamlessly, or small frames that remind us of an old Polaroid. At this time in history, the windows of our homes have become the frames through which we stared at the cities, suddenly emptied.

We reconsidered our approach to day-to-day living. If before, to some, it was just a place to sleep in and eat some meals, while the rest of the day was spent outside, now our apartment is our entire world. It’s only natural to dream about houses that are more than the rooms we have lived in every day, until the pandemic came along. Unique places with huge windows overlooking cities, gardens or stretches of green as far as the eye can see. Obviously, the option to move to a place with a panoramic view is not for everyone; however, we can always let our imagination wander, by taking a peek at other people’s places, and drawing inspiration from them.
We’ve searched some of the most scenic ones for you:

Livit.no (studypod/birdbox)

An example of architecture blending it with the landscape, to preserve its true nature. Nature and luxury find the perfect balance, in these micro-accommodations equipped with all comforts to enjoy unforgettable landscapes.

Pengilly House

Landed as a spaceship from another planet, on the barren cliffs of Cape Town, this villa majestically rises on the Clifton Bay. A futuristic architecture, with references to the Space Age
(inspired by an improbable yet fantastic future) and 1960s furnishing.

Hannah Lagon

A living room with an incredible view over Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. The owner is Hannah Lagon, a design and interior decoration enthusiast, who furnished this amazing apartment where you can enjoy wonderful sunsets.

Continue to get inspired, browse our catalogue and make your own space unique. JoinOutside!

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