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Cnf for Unopiu. Affinity of tradition, innovation and modernity

Cnf for Unopiu. Affinity of tradition, innovation and modernity

Fresh, vibrant and lively colours characterize Grottaglie, a limited series of dinner, soup and small plates in sets of three that can easily be mixed to enhance the style of any ambience.

This exclusive collection is made in traditional pottery, kiln baked three times and hand painted with amazing modern designs and colours in Puglia by the skilled local craftsmen of Fasano Ceramiche, leader in ceramic manufacture and production in Southern Italy.

Fasano Ceramiche has been operating for 18 generations in the actual historic site of Grottaglie, kriptalys from latin and kruptalie from the greek, a well-known centre of terracotta production also painted, known as faience and majolica. Here there are large caves excavated in the tufa rock, tufa constructions, overhead and adjacent caverns housing wood kilns where the Fasanos have uninterruptedly worked as potters, decorators and kilnsmen, bringing international renown to the art of Grottaglie pottery.

Art at the table: Cnf for Unopiu

The Fasano’s shapes, decorations, finishes and techniques are inspired by the most authentic “faience” and “capasonara” traditions, preserving their artistic and cultural heritage.

The dishes created for UNOPIU are table accessories of refined design and captivating craftsmanship, products of unmistakable charm. Each plate is unique. They are characterized by simple curving clean expressive lines and audacious colour combinations that express joy and dynamism, continuing their antique traditions with innovation.
Art at the table: Cnf for Unopiu

Table accessories are indispensible items and through this collection UNOPIU seeks to enhance convivial moments with cordiality and elegance.

Lunches, dinners and aperitifs in company become the perfect occasion to show off unprecedented original style.

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