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Cushion removable cover colour Collection (waterproof)

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Cushion removable cover 55 x 55
(waterproof - 390 GR/m2).

Collection Jolly Cushions
Designer Unopiù

The new waterproof fabric is the only one made of polypropylene and polyester. The square weave creates natural elegance, is 100% waterproof and can be either hand or machine washed.

Cushion removable cover 55 x 55 in colour Collection
(waterproof - 390 GR/m2).

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Collections Jolly Cushions
Material Fabric
Cushion Tessuto

Collection Jolly Cushions

Hosting parties or events in an outdoor setting is probably one of the most pleasurable things to do when the weather permits. At the same time, enjoying the comforts of a beautiful outdoor oasis in blissful solitude becomes a necessity after a hard day at work. Yet, this won’t be possible without the right furniture and accessories such as outdoor cushions.

Even the most expensive garden furniture will not be so accommodating without the right cushions to go with them.
When it comes to cushions for garden chairs, Unopiù is the name to trust.
The company’s collection of Jolly garden cushions are an example of the excellence...