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Lipari round umbrella in aluminium 350 cm

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Round umbrella in aluminium
( Ø 3.5 M 2.65 H)

Collection Lipari
Designer Unopiù

Three models with central shaft are available in various sizes, shapes and colors. Two have a larger central shaft, one in handcrafted wood and one in aluminium, opening by means of a cord and pulley. Round, square and rectangular versions are available and have a galvanized steel base. The third model, either rectangular or round, has a lighter aluminium shaft, can be tilted and opens manually by means of a winch. In the round model the opening mechanism also works the tilt, the rectangular version is tilted by pressing a button on the shaft.

Lipari Round Umbrella aluminium post ( Ø 3.5 M  2.65 H).
Structure: aluminium (shaft Ø 5 cm).
Shade: in 100% solution dyed acrylic, ecrù.
Version: round.

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Collections Lipari
Material Aluminium
Tessuto Acrylic
Colour Ecru

Collection Lipari

Multifunctional practicality


UNOPIÙ Umbrella in hand crafted wood, opening mechanism with a cord and pulley.

It has a base plate and a light, with three light sources to fix under the shade.