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Suspended readings

Suspended readings

If you have a library and a garden, you have everything you need, wrote Marcus Tullius Cicero. Who can argue with that?

For reading enthusiasts, having a sheltered space in the garden or organizing an area on your terrace so you can enjoy reading without being disturbed is not as urgent as one might think. You need not only privacy, but the right lighting, a comfortable armchair or sofa to stretch your legs out and a table where you can put a book, dictionary, a cup of tea, notebooks, pencils and related books (those who read fantasy books know this very well. Editor’s note).

With the right elements, creating a reading corner in the garden or on the terrace will be the unique solution to create the right comfort for body and mind. Are you ready for our inspirations?



There are those who cannot sit anywhere unless they are able to lie down. While reading, it will be natural to slide a bit on the chair or bench and the right seat will help you find the maximum reading comfort. Always choose benches or sofas with even quite high backrests. They can be made of wood and not be cushioned. The addition of cushions will make them very comfortable and they can be left outdoors even in the colder seasons.


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Look for shade under a tree

In smaller gardens, terraces or spots where you are in view of your neighbors, privacy is a sore spot. Use light vines and dense evergreen shrubs, where you can place a small sofa or armchair close to the fronds. Orient the sofa so that you can observe walkways without outside observers seeing you. If, on the other hand, you have a garden with large plants, here is the solution that many often dream of: a hammock suspended between trees and greenery, or terrace hammocks with self-supporting, practical and functional structures with stylish solutions to meet everyone’s needs.

Just add an elegant cushion (choosing a color between the shades of blue and light blue helps to make the atmosphere even more relaxing) and a small wooden table to create a rustic and personal reading corner.


An extension of your living room

The garden living room is a place where the pleasure of conversation and relaxation meet. Certainly more conventional but no less comfortable is the reading space on the terrace or a garden’s living room area. When you are not organizing small receptions, lunches or dinners with friends and family, the sofa and armchairs will become your relaxing retreat to forget the daily demands you trudge through. You will be able to create perfect modular combinations that suit your needs. For example, solutions that can be transformed in an outdoor sofa bed, when needed, which you can add cushions in warm pastel shades to make the seats even more comfortable and relaxing. With a garden lantern and your favorite music playing, the time spent reading will be the best time of the entire day.


Protect yourself from the sun

No one else like Italo Calvino has described with meticulous grace the needs of a reader to be comfortable while reading a book. The inclination of the sunlight on the page is one of them. How many times have you blinded yourself while reading? Too much sun is disturbing, especially when the pages of the book are glossy. If your reading nook is bathed in sunshine, look for a garden parasol, a garden umbrella or a small pergola, or a combination of both of them.


A small yet comfortable space

You can get your own reading nook even in a small balcony. Try to accommodate the size of your space with modular solutions and multifunction containers, without giving up your nest where you take refuge with your favorite novel. Complete the environment with rugs and add a lot of plants to create a small urban jungle that isolates you from the city. Nothing and nobody will disturb your retreat and relaxation time.


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For the reading enthusiasts

An open-air dream: a permanent shelf in the garden or terrace is the dream of every self-respecting reader. An achievable dream if you have a long porch, gazebo, winter garden or cover that provides protection from the weather elements. 


Choose great reading material

1. If on a winter’s night a traveler

We mentioned him in our article, an author who certainly needs no introduction: Italo Calvino.

How do you prepare for reading? Where do you isolate yourself at? What position should you take, the famous advice of Italo Calvino to the readers in the incipit of “If a winter’s night a traveler”. Considered one of the most famous incipits of Italian literature, it tells of the magic of reading, that unique moment where everything around us begins to fade and become indistinguishable. That moment in which the contours of the real world are blurred and the outline of the book we are reading begins to take shape, with its characters that come to life and make themselves known. But for this great magic to happen, Calvino offers the right advice: we need to get away from the busyness of life, from its frenzy, now becoming islands where the possibility takes over reality. 


2. Fresh water for flowers 

A compelling, moving and ironic novel. The author is Valérie Perrin, an art expert, stage photographer and talented writer, capable of creating atmospheres while communicating emotions. The narration is amazing because it manages to convey to the reader conflicting and authentic feelings of the places where the story takes place, as if the power of words could return the photograph of places as if they were also the reader’s ideal map. This novel was awarded the Prix Maison de la Presse in 2018 with the following motivation: “A sensitive novel, a book that takes you from tears to laughter with funny and moving characters”.


3. Life is something to do when you can’t go to sleep

A collection of the main writings of the American writer and humorist Fran Lebowitz (writer, humorist, cultural agitator). The author represents a character worthy of fascination, especially for how she treats any human subject, whether it is films of fashion. Religion and politics are not a mystery to her, but become a pretext to ridicule the masks and aesthetic canons that surround society. Life is something to do when you cannot go to sleep, reveals from the title a lot about this character who recently returned to the limelight thanks to Martin Scorsese, with whom she collaborated in 2 fantastic documentaries.

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