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Glamping, a trip in Italy

Glamping, a trip in Italy

Halfway between glamourous and camping, it is the new frontier of green and sustainable tourism which in recent years has seen rapid development all over the world. Do not confuse this with the traditional and classic Canadian tent or trailer. Glamping is much more than that! It is a portmanteau of glamourous and camping, unconventional accommodations, easily disassembled and sustainable, yet equipped with every creature comfort one could want. In the woods, by the sea or floating on the lake, in breathtaking settings far from the daily routine where to forget your deadlines and the annoying smartphones which occupy your mind, and relax while getting back in touch with yourself.

Glamping is first and foremost glamour and it represents a well-defined lifestyle that fascinates more and more people in the world. This term first appeared in the United Kingdom back in the early 2000s and, although the term coined is all in all new, in reality the concept dates back to the distant past. It is not easy to define exactly when this way of experiencing nature originated, however, it is certain that as early as the sixteenth century these types of accommodations became widespread for special occasions in Scotland and France and, in the same period, the Ottomans had ostentatious, palatial and lavish tents transported from one military mission to the next.

It falls for all intents and purposes under eco-tourism because the tents, in addition to being suitable for all climatic conditions, can in any case, be disassembled and usually prefer the use of materials with low environmental impact. Today there are all kinds of them: tree houses, vintage trailers, large tents with fabric verandas and rooms carved out of stone. The difference amid these types make the experience even more interesting among tourists who wish to experience a new approach to traveling in contact with nature.

They range from the wildest and most minimalist facilities for those on the hunt for an adventure in unspoiled and off the beaten path locations to luxury lodge-tents with outdoor hot tubs and infinity pools over unspoiled landscapes. We inaugurate this column that will accompany you throughout the year with some of the must-see locations to spend an unprecedented, dream-tailored vacation.


1. Glamping Canonici Di San Marco 

A charming glamping located inside the park of a seventeenth-century villa, to let you live according to the rhythms of nature, immersed in the romantic countryside that extends between the Venetian Lagoon and the Brenta River. You will find 2 magnificent suite-rooms and 6 luxurious and evocative lodges (tents built with extremely low environmental impact structures) nestled in the silence of nature, furnished in different colors and styles, from tribal to boho-chic, with exotic details and impressive chandeliers.
A place that combines the rural charm of the typical Venetian farmhouses with the exoticism of the colonial-era luxury camps.

Glamping San Marco - Unopiù Magazine World Tour


2. Procida Camp & Resort

On the charming and colorful Campania’s jewel-island, off the coast of Naples, in a secluded garden filled with lemon trees and enclosed by an ancient stone wall, located just 5 minutes from the beach, lies the Procida Camp & Resort. There are 4 types of accommodations available: vintage-style aluminum caravans, bungalows, safari tents and Nordisk Village. Furthermore, Procida Camp & Resort offers a pool area featuring a Jacuzzi and waterfall, yoga lessons to regain your balance and organized boat excursions among impervious cliffs and portions of rock that are majestically reflected in the crystal-clear waters.

Procida Glamping Unopiù Magazine Giro del Mondo


3. Atmosfera Bubble Camping

This glamping in the province of Potenza has been designed with the utmost attention and care for the environment, with high-quality certified materials that are resistant to any external temperatures. Inside the bubble rooms, you will find a contemporary design decor alternating with vintage furniture, which came directly from the owners’ family old farm. For those looking for an immersive experience in nature without sacrificing comfort, the bubble rooms are a perfect alternative to camping, falling asleep gazing at the celestial vault while enjoying the comforts of a luxury hotel.

Bubble Camping - Unopiù Magazine Giro del Mondo

After this trip to Italy, continue with the inspiration, relax on your hammock and book your next vacation. Join Outside!


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