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WaProLace and synthetic fibre cleaning kit

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KIT WaProLace® and synthetic fibre cleaning.

Collection Unopiù Color and Care
Designer Unopiù

Composed of a special nonfoam detergent that removes dirt and restores the look of the fibre and also a protective spray that makes the furniture last longer, augments the plastification and maintains the flexibility of the fibre. The UV filter also maintains the condition and lengthens life as well as helping to prevent staining. This may also be used on iron, stone, cord in fabric and aluminium to clean and better maintain the product.

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Collections Unopiù Color and Care
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Collection Unopiu Color and Care

For those who love colour and wish to characterize their homes with different colours, the answer can be found in water based paints from Unopiù Colour. A selection which ranges from natural tones like teak and dark walnut through to true colours like white, graphite, English green.