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Tline adjustable round table in aluminium

Starting at €1,180.00

Adjustable round table (76 x 76 H 39 - 73 - table top Ø 76)

Collection Tline
Designer Adam D.Tihany

Tradition and innovation come together in Tline, a collection designed by Adam D. Tihany. The line is characterised by the unmistakable perforated texture, reminiscent of the traditional pattern of the 1950s reinterpreted in a more contemporary version. The lightness and efficiency of aluminium is expressed through the alternation of curved, sinuous lines and sharper, more basic geometries, expertly crafted to lend the many elements an air of contemporaneity, practicality and elegance.

The ends of the lounger have the same curved shape as the rest of the collection.
The perforated pattern filters the light, casting a pleasant play of shadows onto the ground.

The collection is available in the natural shades of mud and dove grey, which are ideal for furnishing outdoor environments with harmony.


Tline adjustable round table (76 x 76 H 39 - 73 - table top Ø 76).

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Collections Tline
Material Aluminium
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Collection Tline

How to customize any outdoor environment with Tline


Tline is a new collection in mud or dove grey aluminium with a wide range of items suited to diverse situations, both public and private.
Its sophisticated design, gracious curves and the lightness of its perforated pattern capture the poetry of light and shade, creating a romantic line that is reminiscent
of traditional fifties garden furniture with a modern look.
Comfortable cushions are also available that can be attached to the backrests.

Design Adam D. Tihany - Tihany Product Design