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Let's green the planet

Let's green the planet

Environmental protection for the company doesn’t just begin with the use of teak wood from certified plantations, but from today also the creation of a Unopiù cocoa tree forest in Camerun, in collaboration with Treedom.


This year Black Friday has become “Unopiù Green Friday”: all clients who spend at least 1,000 euro online or in stores will receive a cocoa tree in Camerun in the Unopiù plantation. Depending where the purchase is made, clients will receive a card or a code to register on Treedom to redeem their tree. Every tree has a page online with its geolocation and photograph where it’s possible follow its story through constant updates.

Unopiù decided to join the Treedom project and create a Unopiù forest to give value and show respect for the environment with a concrete gesture, perfect scene for its products and the ideal setting to welcome them. The Unopiù forest in Camerun is a small but solid contribution against CO2 emissions and a gesture in support of local microclimates.

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