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Live the outdoors. How to create your open-air kitchen

Live the outdoors. How to create your open-air kitchen

Not having large spaces available is the condition for an outdoor kitchen. Sometimes from a small terrace it is possible to create an outdoor area to cook and welcome family and friends. It is important to choose quality materials, resistant to wear and tear and inclement weather, or recycled solutions to contain the available budget. Green light colors and lots of imagination, without sacrificing comfort and convenience, because cooking (and eating) should always be a pleasure. Continue reading and get inspired to design your own outdoor kitchen.


Always look for color

An austere and linear outdoor kitchen usually echoes the neutral colors of the patio and becomes an integral part of it. Green light instead to bright colors such as yellow, red and orange for the pots, lids and seats. The atmosphere will bring to your mind the summer even during the other seasons


A shelter from the weather

A garden or terrace space can become the ideal place to design an outdoor kitchen. Furthermore, a sloping roof in wood or wrought iron allows you to use it even in the cloudiest of days.


An outdoor kitchen demands a barbeque

Are you planning to design an outdoor kitchen? The password in these cases can only be one, barbecue! Carefully evaluate the project and get advice from an expert for the installation of a small hood. Alternatively, opt for a all open solution, so that the fumes from the barbecue do not bother your neighbors, even with particularly unfavorable winds. Choose a barbecue model with a cover to make some very trendy recipes, such as pulled pork or succulent ribs.

Another element suitable for large spaces which could make a difference is a wood-fired oven. The preparation of pizza has something magical and being able to make it with your family right at home will make it even more special.


A cooktop is forever

I know it may seem a bit excessive, yet installing an outdoor cooktop outside your home, in your outdoor kitchen is the smartest solution you can choose if you love to cook. Two burners, one large and one small, may be enough, but do not deprive yourself of such a feature!

Beyond being very practical in the summer time, these burners will continue to be very useful at any time of the year, whether you want to prepare grilled dishes or perhaps fried foods without leaving any odors inside the house. In two words, convenience and comfort. Your family and friends will be delighted by your recipes and overall there will be less to clean up in the indoor kitchen and more time to spend with your guests.


Conviviality as the focus

If you plan to design your outdoor kitchen, depending on the space available, consider adding a small fireplace. With this solution, you will be able to extend the period of use of the garden, enjoying it until October or November. Let yourself be lulled by this image: the crackling of the fire, a pot of chestnuts, a glass of spiced red wine, while the crisp air embraces you together with your wool blanket. The dream is now served!


Water at your fingertips

All kitchens, especially those that are far from the traditional indoor one, should include, at the very minimum, a sink and a faucet. The goal of your outdoor kitchen is to make your life easier and have everything readily accessible. 


A seasonal pantry

Obviously, all the ingredients, fresh or not, should be stored in a refrigerator inside, yet a pantry where to store dishes, ceramic plates, small kitchen tools and barbecue equipment is always helpful and practical. Alternatively, depending on the space available, treat yourself to the luxury of an outdoor refrigerator in case you want, for example, to store cold drinks near a wonderful and relaxing pool. Remember that outdoor refrigerator models are very different from indoor types, even if the appliance were to be built-in, it would be a good idea to purchase a specific one to avoid problems.

Tell us: what is your idea for an outdoor kitchen? Did you build a kitchen on your terrace or in the garden? Send us a message here.


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