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How to organize an outdoor workstation

How to organize an outdoor workstation

In the era of smart working, co-working and digital nomads talking about how to organize the workstation takes on increasingly individual and creative nuances. Goodbye gray and monotonous offices and welcome to the personalized living space that is conducive to productivity and concentration as well as a psycho-physical wellbeing. This aspect should not be underestimated when talking about the working environment. We are not referring to those who use a desktop or laptop computer, but also to those who, for example, write, draw, design and produce in the space of a desk. Our first advice is, if you can, to use different workstations, at home or away from home, in an indoor or outdoor space. Today we are going to take a closer look at how to organize the outdoor workstation.


Seven suggestions for organizing the outdoor workstation

Why thinking of using an outdoor space in your home, such as a balcony or terrace, but also a veranda or pergola, as a work area? One would think that these outdoor spaces are to be dedicated only to free time and leisure. Yet, one of the reasons that could push you towards this decision is easily explained here: being outdoors is necessary to the production of vitamin D in the body, which contributes to the formation of calcium – very useful for your bones. Let us face it, “changing the scenery” is beneficial for our mood too and to our performance at work as well. There are two aspects which we need to take into account when we talk about how to organize an outdoor workstation, environment and organization. Below, you will find 7 tips that will be useful for setting up the open air outdoors workstation of your dreams!



It is well known that spending many hours a day at a desk can affect your health, first let us examine about how our posture is affected. Even in an outdoor area, remember to adjust the monitor position and the height of the chair that best suits your comfort. Choose comfortable chairs and a table able to ensure you adequate space to better organize your work tools and giving you the ability to move amongst them easily.



If we were indoors, we would advise you to watch out for poor lighting which will help to avoid eye strain and subsequent unneeded stress. The best light is natural light! Studies show that exposure to natural light has many positive effects on our mood (thanks to the release of serotonin) as well as the quality of our sleep and many other helpful items. In fact, it helps our body regulate our “internal clock” or heart rhythms. However, even if we are talking about workstations on a balcony or a terrace, you will still have to take into account the position of the light sources. The light will need to uniform, but you certainly do not want it to glare into your eyes or make your monitor unreadable. To reduce sun glare and protect your eyes, remember to choose the right position based on the time of the day and consider purchasing a laptop sunshade or an anti-glare screen protector.



Currently, several studies support the concept that having a plant on the desk increases productivity and makes individuals more serene. According to the psychologists at the University of Exeter, placing a plant close to where you work can even lead to a 15% increase in productivity. Plants cleanse the air around us, this makes the environment fresher and more beautiful to look at, even taking care of them regularly is a wellness ritual. Imagine if you then, instead of just one, committed to creating a green oasis on your terrace or balcony with many different types of plants! Here are some helpful tips.

Tables and coffe tables


Too cold…too hot? Air conditioning on or off? All of us have argued with our colleagues at the office about the temperature! Personal preferences aside, the ideal temperature for a work environment seems to be between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. It goes without saying that if you want to setup an outdoor workstation, you will need to take into account not only the season, but also the time of the day and the position of the sun with respect to the space you have available. Just in case, during the year keep both the fans and warm blankets nearby.



Some people like silence, others like to listen to the radio or their favorite playlist while they are working, it is a matter of taste, and no one likes useless background noise. If you work on the balcony or terrace at your home, you may be shielded from the annoyance of those living with you, such as phone calls, the TV on or noises from appliances, yet you may find yourself dealing with the sounds of your neighbor that can be annoying, traffic noise and who knows what else may pop up on any given day. On second thought, maybe it is better to wear headphones anyways.



Do you have a garden or a large terrace? You will be able to choose your favorite corner. We just recommend that you keep it separate from the area dedicated to lunch or leisure. Do you have an urban balcony? There are practical solutions that might surprise you, both in the choice of furniture and accessories such as organizers, storage cabinets and so on. Free your imagination, yet keep only what you need at hand, such as your computer, notebook, pen, battery charger and headphones. Keep everything else in the house as it will always close by and protected from the outdoor elements.

Urbn Balcony


The armchair from which you watch TV, an indoor table or chair will not survive the outdoors for long. Indoor furniture is not designed for direct sunlight or temperature and weather fluctuations. Instead, choose outdoor furniture with high-quality materials that are comfortable and long-lasting. Do not neglect the design aspect as surrounding yourself with beautiful things will certainly make you work better because you feel more comfortable.

One last piece of advice: do not forget to upgrade your wi-fi system to reach every outdoor area!

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