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Armchair Sunlace in WaProLace

Armchair Sunlace in WaProLace colour white
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Armchair Sunlace in WaProLace Cushion with removable covers in 100% Tempotest acrylic fabric colour off white
Armchair Sunlace in WaProLace Armchair Sunlace in WaProLace colour white

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Hotel Excelsior - Venezia

Hotel Excelsior - Venezia

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The Sunlace collection offers multiple furnishing possibilities: the modules are flexible in any outdoor situation destined for reception and relaxation. Structure: aluminium. Covering: hand woven WaProLace synthetic fibre. Colour: white Cushions: with removable covers in 100% synthetic fabric, colour white.

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Sconto % Collection Material
60% Sunlace Fibre


The main feature of the Sunday modular seating collection is the round handwoven fibre that covers the frame. All Sunstripe cushions are available in 30 different...

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The Sunlace modular system with its new cord covering offers multiple furnishing options. Placed alone or in groups according to taste and need, the various models...

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Armchair Sunlace in WaProLace
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Armchair Sunlace